"Will is the answer. No matter what the question, he is the answer. As the Social Media Manager of three major campaigns for projects I’ve directed in the last year, he has consistently exceeded expectation. Not only does he possess the expected skill set of creativity, autonomy, market knowledge and excellent communication abilities, his work is uniquely conceived and considered through the lens of his commitment to global equity and social awareness. All of that is delivered with contagious energy, optimism and deep respect  Everyone associated with our projects, from Network Television Executives to Marketing Directors, College Deans and CEO’s have all arrived at the same conclusion, 'We need more Will.'"

- David Connolly, Director of Education at Drayton Entertainment Youth Academy

(Social Media Management Client)

"Will joined my team and instantly brought an air of professionalism, creativity and joy. He was such a pleasure to work with and I loved his collaborative nature. He brought new ideas and solutions to the project and executed them flawlessly. I would absolutely hire Will again and thoroughly plan to!"

- Raeburn Ferguson, Artistic Director of Next Generation Showcase (Social Media Management Client)

"Will Parry is an absolute joy to work with. He is both professional, and charismatic, bringing a plethora of skills to the table.  Will, tailors his work to the client, offering a collaborative process.  In working with Will on my social media campaign to bring awareness to Invisible Disabilities in the arts, ultimately culminating in with the release of my song “INVISIBLE”; Will had a laid out, organized plan, with multiple options for each post and customizable captions and slides.  When working on a project so near to the clients heart, Will was a constant support and not only listened to my lived experience and education, but did his own research to ensure that any content being posted was accurate, insightful, and up to date.  I highly recommend hiring Will for any social media needs you may have.  He is fabulous and now someone I call a dear friend!"

- Sarah Luby, Actor-Singer

(Social Media Management Client)

"I’ve never seen anyone more dedicated than Will Parry. Whether it’s paid or volunteer work, he will always put in 110% effort, and will make sure everyone on the team is supported to do what they need to do. He is an absolute ray of sunshine and makes every team he’s on feel complete."

- Brynn Bonne, Artistic Director of Quirky Cabaret

(Social Media Management Client)

"As a newcomer artist, I realize the importance of leveraging social media to share about my artistry and my authentic self with the community. That's why I came to Will Parry. 

My session with Will was professional, insightful, fun, and inspiring. Will prepared a comprehensive slide deck prior to the session and demonstrated a high level of expertise in comparing and contrasting the effectiveness of different platforms in expanding reach, engagement, and traction. All in all, the experience was truly satisfying."

- Tan Vu, Performer

(Socials 101 Client)

"Will was instrumental to the success of Bubble Productions in 2021 through his leadership of the social media management team. He worked effectively by guiding team members and independently building individualized strategies and graphics for our social media marketing campaign. He exceded expectations on the advertising goals and maximized revenue by boosting ticket sales by 50%, while driving engagement for the project and supporting the team with positivity and enthusiasm throughout a process that required organization, innovation and ingenuity.  Thanks for making our production a huge success, Will!"

- Patrick Burwell, Educator

(Social Media Management Client)