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       WP Socials is a newly-launched social media management/education business based in Toronto, run by me (Will Parry)! WP Socials strives to make the social media dreams of each and every client a reality through the lens of goal setting, discovery, and leading with kindness.

       Over the past few years, I have worked as a social media manager professionally primarily for arts organizations and projects including CBC Kids' Ukulele U, Next Generation Showcase, Rachel Marks Consulting, Drayton Entertainment Youth Academy, Canadian Guild of Theatre Directors and Choreographers, Smile Theatre, among others.

       As a music theatre graduate in a pandemic, there wasn't a lot to do theatrically. But I knew I wanted to help people with my passions. After some soul-searching, life-coaching, and of course, scrolling through hit me! I wanted to begin help others by offering my social media expertise.

       My goal has always been to help people reach their full social media potential for their project or business, and I'm excited to continue along that journey with you. Everyone has a vision and I can't wait to help you cultivate yours!

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